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Bert Stoneberg, Ph.D.
Education Research Consultant


This TRIPOD website started in the 1980's as a free ad-supported site to make my research and other files (including the school improvement surveys) available for educational purposes without charge. Most of the information presented is in PDF files (i.e., not mobile device friendly).

WARNING:  Recently some pop-up ads on this site that I encountered when opening an HTML page have taken control of my computer, leaving me the option to download MALWARE or to TURN-OFF the computer. Content on the site has been removed until vendor addresses this problem.

The School Improvement Surveys page has been revised and reposted (because frequent 404 notices from Google suggest it is visited frequently). It's available on this special-caution-needed TRIPOD ad-supported site at

If there is content that you have viewed but now get a 404 message, please let me know:

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