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The K-12 survey instruments for students, staff and parent offered here were developed, adapted, and/or revised by Oregon classroom teachers in the Albany and Ontario school districts from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. They are not intended for commercial use. They are made available here for free use by educators who want to assemble "quick and dirty" data to support their school improvement decisions and program evaluations. No scoring service is currently available, but model printouts are provided to guide self-scoring.

Click "Surveys" on the navagaton bar for more information about the K-12 school improvement surveys: Opinion Survey for Students (OSS, Grades 6-12); Opinion Survey for Parents (OSP, Grades 6-12); Instructional Quality Survey (IQS, All Staff, K-12); Student Opinion Questionnaire (SOQ, Grades 1-9); and Parent Opinion Questionnaires (POQ, Grades 1-9).

School Reform in Idaho . . . .

Problems with Albertson's "Don't Fail Idaho" Media Campaign:

Other notes about school reform in Idaho:

Note: This website will use "neighborhood school" rather than "not-charter school" or "not-a-charter school" or "regular school" or "traditional school" when conducting and reporting comparative data analyses. 

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Widespread misuse of NAEP results promotes wariness of American public schools!

NAEP Cup - Ten Years of ServiceMuch dissatisfaction with student achievement in public schools springs from the improper use of results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) to compare states or to "confirm" state testing results. The two most frequent abuses are (1) using NAEP scores based on student samples to rank order the fifty states and (2) comparing NAEP's 1990 stipulated definition of above-grade-level proficient with the state's 2001 "NCLB required" definition of at-grade-level proficient. To better understand these unnecessary and unfortunate errors, browse through two short, peer-reviewed papers available from the online journal Practical Assessment, Research and Evaluation.

Click "NAEP" on the navagation bar for more information about the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), how NAEP scores should be interpreted, and reports presenting Idaho's NAEP results.



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Idaho vs. Nation on Inflation Adjusted K-12 Per Pupil Expenditures: 2000-2011 

Id vs Us - Per Pupil Expenditures

Looking at 2011 constant dollars (i.e., inflation-adjusted dollars):
♦ The recession that hit Idaho and the nation in 2008, hit the Idaho K-12 public education community in 2002.
♦ Nationwide schools spent $10,658 per K-12 pupil in 2011, which was $97 less than in 2008, but $1,070 more than in 2002.
♦ Idaho schools spent $6,821 per K-12 pupil in 2011, which was $438 less than in 2008, and $637 less than in 2002.


Each past "Home Page Data Display" is available as a PDF file.